2013 Great Expectations, From Kolkata Knight Riders!

Kolkata_Knight_Riders_(former_logo)Many years of lack luster pitch performance by the much sensationalized Kolkata Knight riders actually made IPL trade pundits speculate whether there was a viable future for KKR in the league, I mean let’s face it in a highly competitive arena like IPL, you have to perform every year to belong. And when one of your team owners is among the biggest superstars in the country the scale and expectations only gets higher.

Well as they say ‘when the going gets tough the tough gets going! Mr. Venky Mysore who took charge as CEO and managing director on 22nd September 2010, indulged in carrying out some key decisions and revamping that played a major role in them being crowned IPL champions!

Now, since KKR have already been crowned champions in 2012 there is the added ‘pressure’ as well as expectation by the fans and stakeholders to repeat the same, will they or wont they win remains the million dollar question.

KKR New Logo

KKR New Logo

Personally I really like the scientific rationale and temperament applied by KKR for team selection, wherein their main aim was to put in place a competent team of eleven players to go and do a good job on the field, nothing more and nothing less. And my belief is that if this is repeated again we won’t be surprised if they perform very well.

Shahrukh Khan is so right when he says that their success is a good lesson for youngsters wherein if you believe in something, just keep the resilience and patience and a humble prayer in your efforts and you will succeed. The final match was quite an experience and one still can’t forget the childlike hysteria created by Shahrukh khan who had no words to say and was completely overjoyed witnessing his team winning the cup for the very first time.

IPL 2012 Champion

IPL 2012 Champion

Kolkata Knight Riders
are all poised to grow even more as the base cricketing team and business model has been built, and now it’s time to scale.  So dear readers and IPL fanatics get set for another razzmatazz performance by Kolkata Knight Riders , probably they have now what I would like to term as Scientific rational emotion that drives their actions both on-field and off-field.

So bring out the pop-corn, silent your mobiles and watch how KKR perform their anthem in action Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo Re.

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