7 Tips for Freelancers

Being your own boss requires a lot of discipline and planning.

  1. Follow Schedules – Make a schedule and follow it strictly. it will help you finish projects within deadlines. clients like to deal with people who are punctual It shows how professional you are if you have a meeting schedule with a client make sure you are on time.
  2. Dont take on too munch – Freelancers are always on the lookout for work, but that shouldn,t make you say yes to every project that comes your way. take on only as many projects as you can manage within the given time frame. it is better to say no than agree to do something that will not be delivered on time. Be professional\, client will appreciate it.
  3. Invest in Technology – Buy productive tools, this is less of an expense and more of an investment. if some software helps reduce your work load and enhance productivity, its worth of money.
  4. Use Social Media  – Social Media is a great way not only to catch up with old friends but to make business contacts and network. use this channel to connect with potential clients by showcasing your talent and getting endorsements from past clients.
  5. Keep a record of expenses – What you spend on rent, travelling, car EMI, Computer, Maintenance of equipment, internet, telephone bills, dining with clients, stationary, news paper is legitimate expense and tax deductible. Keep record of these.
  6. Dont Undercut – The market is very competitive. in your desperation to get work, dont quote too low a price. it gives the impression that the work quality is questionable.
  7. Save for rainy day – As a freelancer, your income will be lumpy. you might get paid a huge sum in one month but nothing for next two, Dont squander money when the going is good. save as much as you can.

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