8th March Upcoming International ‘Women’s Day

Women's Day

Women’s Day

I believe that I have lived a beautiful and a fortunate life and an important component of what made it beautiful are the influences of the different types of women and the environment created by them. But what am I, a humble man who is going to be 30 years of age this October and if I don’t see the sunrise the following the day…  I just want to say that I would be deeply indebted with gratitude towards all the lovely women who have come and enriched my life.

Sorry to start on a self gratitude note, but dear readers the purpose here is to tickle your consciousness so that you better acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate all the women in your life… 🙂 And this women’s day just wish them a warm thank you for enriching your life.

Look around you, you would probably have grandmothers, mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, nieces, cousins, friends, neighbors, teachers, colleagues, doctors etc who are continuously shaping and forming our life. I guess emancipation of women in this century got a good ground and have played a role in enriching men’s life.

Let’s understand that the very fact that you are reading and I am writing this blog means that we have been fortunate to receive the chances that we have got, we probably know what money can buy and cannot probably because we are educated.

International Womens Day

International Womens Day

If like me you are living in a hustling and bustling metropolitan city, you would probably be spending more time at work than with the family. Let’s ask ourselves how many times do we care and appreciate the women in our lives, do we actually celebrate their presence!!!

During my tenure as a consultant, I remember something really innovative and wonderful being done in my firm to celebrate women’s day, we were I guess a bunch of 30 odd people (men and women combined) the HR decided that to celebrate women’s day small chits written with women’s name were distributed to all the men around and each were given a rose, which he would have to present to the name of the woman on his chit…I guess it was a really humbling and wonderful activity that not only brought a lot of smile to women, but a good break from the chaotic environment that we all were in.

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