Atal Bihari Vajpayee Or Modi?

I don’t want to compare Atal ji with Narendra Modi.

Comparing Atal ji with Narendra Modi ji is like, Comparing a 6th Standard Boy with a 12th Standard boy. To make this much more clear, this comparison is equal to the comparison of Sachin Tendulkar with Virat Kohli.

With respect to my age and Maturity,

Atal Bihari Vaijpayee ji was my first Prime Minister of India.

I Still remember the period of 1999–2004, in which Atal ji headed the NDA government. Let me recall few things which I remember and I consider as the best about Atal ji.

  1. Atal ji was an excellent diplomat for India with respect to Pakistan. I still remember President Pervez Musharraf’s visit to India for Agra Summit. I am not sure whether such kind of things will happen now and in future.
  2. Atal ji had an excellent foreign policy. He truly followed the policy of being in the “center”. He accepted both “Left and Right” together. He maintained wonderful relationship with both Russia and United States. He believed India’s strength is being neutral and centre
  3. Atal ji had never compromised on the Security issues of India. His move on Kargil war is still considered as the best. He had wonderful relationship with Bangladesh, China, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, which was considered as security threat for India. Manmohan ji failed in these area.
  4. I still remember my father speaking about the Pokhran Nuclear test by Atal ji. Atal ji showed the strength of India to the entire world and indirectly warned the enemies.
  5. Atal ji became much more closer to the people, by making Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam as the President of India and honoured the Indian citizens.
  6. India is a beautiful country with too many saviors. Atal ji was the previous savior and now Narendra Modi 🙂 And In future someone will come as savior. Whoever comes in future,

    Atal ji will remain as the Architect of Modern India!!

    Edit 1: Narendra modi ji is running a stable,strong and majority government. Atal ji headed coalition government. It’s not that easy in the country like India to lead a coalition government. But he did in a beautiful manner.

    Modi ji is the leader of BJP, Atal ji was the leader of many party.

    Respect Atal ji 🙂

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