Breaking: Mumbai High Court Acquits Salman Khan #PremLeela

salman khan verdict news

The High Court has given the verdict in Salman Khan ‘s favour. The actor has been acquitted in the 2002 hit-and-run case. Earlier in the year, the Sessions Court had found Salman guilty and liable to be imprisoned for five years, but the actor was granted bail soon enough. He then approached the Mumbai High Court seeking acquittal. Today, the High Court has stated that the prosecution has failed to establish that Salman was driving the car and was under the influence of alcohol, the High Court also stated that statements of witnesses were not recorded. The High Court also raised concerns over Mumbai Police’s ability to handle cases like these.

The court has also questioned the credibility of Salman Khan’s bodyguard Ravindra Patil , a key prosecution witness who had said that the actor was driving drunk and had ignored his warnings repeatedly. No one but Mr Patil had given this version. If the witness is partly reliable, then corroboration is required. Ravindra Patil cannot be considered as a wholly reliable witness. The HC said that the sessions court had made a mistake by relying on his statement. Salman has been cleared of all the charges levied on him by the prosecution.


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