How to register for Trademark, Patent and Copyright? Check out required documents

Documents required for registration


  • A soft copy of the logo in jpeg format
  • TM48 (from the authorisation)
  • Date of first use of mark
  • Name and address of the proprietor of the mark


  • Name of applicant with complete address and nationality
  • Full name of the investor s with complete address and nationality
  • Complete specification of the invention description, claims, abstract, etc.


  • Name, address and nationality of the applicant and author of work
  • Nature of applicant’s interest in the copyright, say, owner or licencee.
  • A declaration signed by the author (If different from the applicant)
  • Language of work
  • Proof whether the work is published or unpublished
  • Power of attorny for the firm
  • Six hard copies of the work and three soft copies
  • For cimputer programs, three copies of the program on CD ROMs.


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