I hate Congress much more than I favor BJP

I hate Congress much more than I favor Bjp.

  • It was congress who made the fiscal deficit to unimaginable level, scared to make our country a powerful country
  • PM(Rajiv Gandhi)’s involvement in a scam
  • In 1984 riots one of its leader said “ek bhi sikh jinda nhi bacna chahiye issne humhari ma ko maara hai’, and that leader travels all over the world while Modi gets denied visa.
  • It was congress who mortgaged the gold of our country due to poor economic policy.
  • There are various riots under congress, no one talks about that but everyone wants to talk about 2002 riot. There are other lots of thing which I can tell about Congress which will make you hate Congress even more.

Now coming on Bjp. It was Atal ji who went against all countries and conducted nuclear test. Congress never dreamt of it.

  • FDI got push by Bjp.
  • Many states under Bjp is in a better state than congress ruled states. For example Bihar, Congress ruled it for almost 50 years and made it a bimaru state and it was nitish who did splendid work.
  • Narendra Modi made gujrat a vibrant one.
  • Scams under congress is more grave than Bjp. example 2g, coalgate, cwg, bofors, etc.
  • It was congress which started caste politics not Bjp.
  • It was congress which promoted reservation not Bjp.
  • It is congress which made our country dependent on other country not Bjp.
  • Bjp is the first party which started doing politics regarding development not congress.

I remember a small party blackmailed Atalji, then Atalji said sarkar girni hai to gire main aapki baat nhi manunga but congress always bow down to parties like SP, BSP, DMK etc.

Bjp also has fault but congress is more responsible than any other party.

Bjp is the best alternative. BJP can only make india a powerful country.

Congress do things only to win election. But Bjp do development.

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