If Someone ignores you what should you do?

Hey buddy I don’t know you…neither do you know me…but you came to my blog cause my title struck an emotional chord in your heart and trust me this place is a good place to start to make the transition from being IGNORED to being highly ADORED!!

As mortal human beings we all yearn for self gratification and acceptance by others, we feel so yummy goooood when our presence is acknowledged, when we are the center of a conversation or rather when we are spoken about in good taste.

But life is stranger than fiction I mean what if someone starts ignoring you? worse what if everyone starts ignoring you?, what will you do then to escape the unthinkable eerie sinking feeling that starts engulfing you?

The following tips that follow are built keeping in mind that YOU should FEEL SPECIAL by a particular individual or group of people. I have purposefully bolded the above letters, you will realize later just hold on as we are trying to get your social groove back, through the q&a below.

Have you ignored him/her?


Ironic as it sounds we have to first appreciate the other person in a selfness and genuine manner to expect a similar reciprocation. No free lunches here too!!… think about it…what is it that you have invested in him/her that he should have some human interest in you.

I can cite a good example to illustrate this, some parents crib that they are not being appreciated by their children or rather being bluntly ignored by them and they say that they are busy working to give the chances their child needs to have a happy childhood. My response to those parents is dude you are probably doing a good job being a provider but your child probably needs love and care more as well in the same proportion, he wants to be ASKED about how his day at school/sport/swimming was etc etc, you no doubt did a good job at providing him the means but he needs a buddy a good close buddy to share his secrets!!! Being a better parent will help you be adored by your children and its priceless experience trust me!!

Are you ready to Invest your regular time to bring about a subtle change?


One of the laws of Aladdin’s genie specified that you can’t make someone fall for you!! And it just so right, you can’t force someone to genuinely adore you for YOU!!. Continuing the above example, If your child is upset with you, you can’t just force him/her to just change guard overnight!!, you will have to invest some of your regular time to bring a subtle turn around especially in family related matters. I at times feel that family relationship and childhood friendships are like water they take years and decades to develop and once the cast is set you cannot just change the entire mould overnight.

The  first two pointers are when a particular individual has started ignoring you and I am quite confident that they would assist in bring back some adoration if implied properly, the latter part of the blog is to deal in the worse case scenario i.e If you FEEL everyone is ignoring you?

Hate you

I have purposefully highlighted FEEL, cause buddy that’s what some people feel and I am sure it’s NOT the truth…Freddie mercury was so right in his song radio gaga that “someone still loves you…”, but if u still feel that a good number of people are ignoring you, I would suggest you really think hard over the way you have been that’s just ticking most people off from you!

May be you are a nice guy at heart and just coming across as arrogant or aggressive or whatever negative adjective that people associate with… that they just don’t want to associate with you or be friends with you. I hope the above tips have been purposeful, I know how it feels when you are down and it seems you worlds crumbling down, but never give up , I am there I’ll Fix you.

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