Importance of Car Insurance

Registering for a good and effective car insurance policy is not just a need it’s a necessity for Indian car owners as mandated by the Indian motor act. There are more number of cars today on Indian roads than ever before thanks to the technological innovations as well as competitive pricing among car manufacturing companies. Car insurance safeguards the car owner, as even though one would be a safe driver, he can still be a victim due to faulty driving by somebody else on the road.

Enabling of a requisite car insurance policy would safeguard the car owner in three ways. First one being it would act as a buffer to safeguard his own car meaning in the event of a collision the policy would cover the financial strain on the owner by covering the repair charges for the damage done on his car. Secondly it acts as a personal accident policy wherein in the case of personal injury the rising medical bills out of the injury would be sufficiently covered in the policy.

Thirdly and most importantly some policies also cover against the legal liability arising due to accidental damage that has resulted in the permanent injury or death of a person as well as damage caused to the surrounding property.

One of the latest additions in car insurance policies include the Cashless facility being offered to car owners, wherein the insurance company would tie with  a network of garages that the car owner can go to avail of cashless repair service on his or her car. In addition to cashless facilities being offered certain motor insurance companies also cover the towing charges ensuring that you don’t need to pay a single penny from your own pocket in the event that your vehicle meets an accident.

Car InsuranceWhat is heartening to note is that certain car insurance companies also offer incentives to the car owner for not filing any claims in the year by driving safely, these are categorized as no claims bonus (NCB) and they themselves offer several advantages. NCB’s can be used to avail of a discount on your next available premium or to increase your insurance coverage.

This last bit should surely be credited as it only encourages safe driving. Now most of the top insurance companies offer car insurance policies on their website and the applicant can find out all the necessary details on the website itself. Since the procedure is completely online, the applicant need not have to store the original copy with him but can rather always have a digital copy which he can use to redeem the services.

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