Speedster Sreesanth guilty until proven innocent by Media!

Gosh! The Indian media does it again. It’s long been understood that nothing sells in our country like liquor, Sleaze and celebrities. The latest incidence in this regard only confirms it, this time it’s a sporting celebrity S Sreesanth.
News reports allege that he used his ‘towel’ to signal spot communications to the bookies thereby indulging in match fixing. Regardless if he’s proven guilty or not here is a true nominee for the best award for ‘out of the box’ and hilarious innovation. But its Sreesanth take it or leave it.

Jokes apart , what one should find a little intriguing is the Indian media’s portrayal of these alleged match fixers, they are directly painted as a bunch of no-gooders who betrayed a billion fans for a few lakhs of rupees. Were they even tried in court? If not then they are innocent until proven guilty!

The post is by no means a way to defend them or justify their actions but aren’t we jumping the gun in this regard? Shouldn’t we be waiting for the court’s verdict! Isn’t he still innocent until proven guilty by law?

Sreesanth-Chavan-Chandila-IPLLet’s understand these are serious allegations and the players are in custody but let’s like law abiding citizens let the honorable courts decide their fate for their alleged crimes. Readers don’t get me wrong I am not implying that they are innocent, but what is disgraceful is the way 24*7 news media has portrayed them; it could be very damaging to an individual especially in a conservative society like India more so in gods own country Kerala.


I mean gosh even if one is proved innocent by the courts and if he really is, he could never probably get over the embarrassment as he is already convicted guilty by the media, further his family which in all probability is innocent would also be carrying the burden of ‘nation betrayal’ all their life.

If Sreesanth or any of the other players are proven guilty then they deserve the strictest punishment as per Indian law, but we have an established judicial system to look into that matter. It’s not the job of the Indian Media, who to sell their wares decide to morally castrate these players.

From what we hear latest of this developing story is that sreesanth threw a mobile at the investigators and giving them threats of his contacts in the government, this turns out to be comical and the Hindi phrase ‘Khudke pair pe Kulhadi marna’ is absolutely apt in this regard.

As said in my first blog on the IPL series, there would be too much of pressure on the poor sole player to do the job he is hired to do play cricket. All the loud noise, the after match parties, the cheerleaders, the girls, the wine etc. is just too exciting to just concentrate on cricket, what has surfaced is just the surface and only in the coming days will we be revealed what else has been going on when no-one has been watching. Jai Hind!

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