What are the Elements for a good call script? (For Telecaller)

For a good Telecaller below are the basic points we should note down while calling:

  • We should greet the client every time while making a call.
  • We should seek the permission from the client that he/she is free or what time we should call.
  • Be confident on calls and your voice should be not too low and not too high it should be medium and clear so that client should able to understand.
  • When we talk to the client we have to make sure we are talking to the right person.
  • We should use the customer name; it encourages friendliness and makes the client agreeable to buy the product from you.
  • The backbone of a successful sales technique on phone is we have to be warm and precise and convincing.
  • On calls while talking with him we should find out that client is prospect client or not.
  • We should always do follow-up on time that will help to convert the client and double our ratio.
  • Always try to ask some reference from the client whether the client is interested or not.
  • On phone we are representing our self and our company and it give a clear image of the company. So we should be very polite on calls.
  • We should not get nervous on calls. By doing this it will create a repo with the client. Client will feel special
  • Before we make a call we should be well aware about all product knowledge and whatever question comes from client side we should able to answer it. It gives positive thought
  • Present the benefits of your product, service and our offer.
  • When we talk with the client make sure that we should repeat important point because it will create an impact on the mind of the client.
  • Use more examples on calls it will help the client to understand the product in easy manner.
  •  Always keep smiling on Phone the client will feel to talk more with you.
  • Always use courtesy phrases like please, May I ask, thank you, you’re welcome.
  • Try to fix the appointment once all the features are properly explained. If we not able to get the appointment try to explain the features once again.
  • If client is not interested than try to cross-sell the other products and try to grab the client.
  • On call we always have to win the prospect attention, hold the client interest, and convince the client that the product which we are selling is best.
  • Always on phone it should be a two way conversation. Allow client also, to speak and let him ask what exactly he want.
  • If you not able to understand what exactly client ask, we should ask the client to repeat again.
  • When we end the call thank the person for his time, Do your best to close the conversation in a way the client feel satisfied.
  • If client is not interested to do any investments than politely get off the line. This will leave a favorable impression, in this case you have the chase to call back the client in the future.
  •  After saying goodbye, let the customer hang up first. This avoids the impression of rudeness from our side.
  • Once we end the call, we should note down all the information about the call or make a note of all important information of the call. It will help to keep a better relation with your customers.
    Good Telecaller script

Telecaller script

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