What BJP & Modi ji did since 2014?? Why Modi In 2019

Comprehensive yet brief update on Modi’s accomplishments. Please share widely. 👆👆👆👆

  • 1. #Demonetisation
    Without bothering that his popularity will decline & his Govt might fall, He took this bold step. We all had inconvenience but everyone knew it was for the betterment of India. Country united in ATM Queues but the Corrupt screamed from rooftops
  • 2. #GST
    We had been hearing about GST since years but it wasn’t possible to bring every state, business, Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha agree on it! Jaitley & Modi made it possible. Businesses were down temporarily but now everyone is reaping benefits of 1 Country 1 Tax
  • 3. #JanDhanYojna
    70 yrs since Freedom but my countrymen were deprived of Banking Acct. Prev Govt enjoyed as cash served purpose of pilfering benefits meant for poor. 27 Cr people opened new accounts, deposited US$11 billion & now get benefits directly in account
  • 4. #OROP
    Indira Govt in 1973 reduced the pension of Armed forces by 20% & increased 20% for Babus. In 1986, during Rajiv rule, demand for One Rank One Pension was raised but every Govt only gave false hope! Modi delivered what he promised in his election rally.
  • 5. #EndLalBatti
    It takes a true leader to set example & others automatically follow! The symbol of Power, The ultimate goal of many – Red Beacon was said Goodbye by a PM who doesn’t like to take NO as an answer!
  • 6. #RuralElectrification
    18452 is the number of Villages @INCIndia forgot to give electricity! I repeat, 18452 Villages!!
    13523 of these (73%) got Power under @PiyushGoyal ji under PM Modi.
    वो लूटते रहे वतन को अंधेरे में रख कर
    हमने खुद को जलाया तेरी रौशनी के लिए।
  • 7. #LEDLight
    Modi planned to replace 1.34 Cr street lights with LED lights! The 21 lac already replaced are giving a saving of 295 million units, which is 73 MW of Electricity generation! This vision led to surplus power in many states. Less coal= less Pollution!
  • 8. #NeemCoatedUrea
    A simple technique led to pilfering of Urea meant for farmers to Industry, which bought from Govt Urea depots in Black market. Neem coating on Urea saves it’s usage by 20%. Now there’s no shortage of Urea for Farmers!
  • 9. #Ujjwala
    PM Ujjwala scheme has given 5 Cr families of Below Poverty Line, free LPG connection and waiver of charges for the same. This is Rs 1600 assistance per family. Who, before Modi thought of tears of mothers cooking with firewood?
  • 10. #BarOnCashTransaction
    There’s now a bar of 2 lacs for any Cash transaction. A bar of 20000 on cash transaction in real estate & 10000 on any expense claimed by companies. The Real estate market is coming to affordable level & cooking books is over!
  • 11. #SurgicalStrike
    Each time our nasty neighbor hit us, cut off the heads of our soldiers, our Army was told to not retaliate! It was under the Modi leadership that @adgpi got a free hand to strike enemy in their territory! @INCIndia & @ArvindKejriwal Q even that!
  • 12. #BanFakeNGOs
    Those looting the country under the garb of an NGO were identified & shut! These people had defamed the very name NGO. People doubted when even genuine help was sought by honest NGOs.
  • 13. #ModiForeignTrips
    Most efficient travel spending least time, covering maximum & getting worth of every rupee & second spent; this is what Modi does. Manmohan Singh ji could only visit 18 countries in 72 days against Modi covering 40 in 95 days.
  • 14. #WarOnBlackMoney
    With doors closing on Black Money through #Demonetisation & #DigitalIndia , people are slowly moving to doing business legally and legitimately. This year, we saw nearly 1 Cr more IT returns, which is a very healthy sign.
  • 15. #EAuctions
    Coal sector or 4G spectrum or GEM portal for all Govt purchases through online auctions has plugged in most of the loopholes of Corruption! The markets are now open, transparent and approachable for all, not just the special few!
  • 16. #KulbhushanJadhav
    India cares now for it’s people! Unlike the killing of Sarabjeet under Cong rule, Modi Govt is going all out to get Kulbhushan released through ICJ!
    Rescue of trapped Indians from Yamen by @Gen_VKSingh can’t be forgotten. @SushmaSwaraj 🙏
  • 17. #EndOfCorruption
    ना खाऊंगा ना खाने दूंगा।
    These are not merely the words! He made it possible by strict selection of Honest ministers with the cleanest record and strict vigil! Modi Govt is not about scams, it’s just about development!
  • 18. #ISROUnderModi
    Modi being a space buff encouraged @isro to accomplish 36 missions, 145 satellites launches, Mission to Mars most economically, a home grown weather satellite for accurate forecast & a global player for Satellite launch for the world!
  • 19. #PoliticalDonations
    All political donations to any party must come from a certified account in their bank! A reform in the IT act of 1961 in 13 A will lower the amount from 20000 to 2000 that will not be under scrutiny. This is a major reform by a politician!
  • 20. #Naxals
    Post Demonetisation, Naxals who majorly ran their empire on Black Money or Fake Currency came to their knees! They only had 2 options, die in poverty or surrender! There’s a never before rise in Naxals giving up arms. Who else could do this except Modi?
  • 21. Direct Benefits transfer
  • 22. Benami act
  • 23. Income declaration scheme
  • 24. Reduction of Home loan rates
  • 25. Wealth Tax abolishing
  • 26. Enemy Property Act
  • 27. Atal Pension Yojna
  • 28. Real Estate Act
  • 29. IT refunds faster
  • 30. MNREGA reform
  • 31. Crop Insurance
  • 32. Foreign Black Money Act..
  • 33. Bankruptcy Code
  • 34. Gareeb Kalyan Yojna
  • 35. Rail Budget merged
  • 36. UDAN
  • 37. No Interview for Non Gazzeted Jobs
  • 38. Self declaration in many depts
  • 39. Disinvestment in ITDC hotels
  • 40. SA Satellite to counter China
  • 41. Dokalam!

So choose wisely friends! We’re blessed to have Modi!🙏

Yes my India is Moving Forward..

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