What’s your Color this IPL?

As the IPL opening ceremony date closes by, Goosebumps are bound to surface on IPL fans, come on who doesn’t want their favorite team to progress and win, there is a priceless ‘high’ and a beautiful emotion that seems to creep into a dedicated fan who follows his team’s IPL journey.

I know probably we are still miles away from reaching a mark point, wherein we can safely say that a dedicated fan following base has been achieved. But I am sure that with each season efforts are being done in the same direction. But why am I prodding on businesses interest’s now, the purpose of this blog is ‘you’, so what’s your color this IPL?

ipl-teams-2013Do you bleed blue for the Mumbai Indians?, Guzzle alcohol for the Royal Challengers, Whistle Podu for Chennai super Kings , Halla Bol for the Rajasthan Royals , Swear for the Kolkata Knights, or dare like nothing before like the Delhi Dare Devils.

You will have to forgive me for not mentioning the other team’s, they have not just impressed me enough to make my list. Anyways having said that each one of the above teams is a gemstone in itself, they have a certain color that sets them apart from the rest.  From a neutral point of view I can say that Mumbai Indian’s have a certain class a loving but assertive camaraderie that kinda emerges from their body language both on and off the field.

RCB has style and their demeanor literally showcases that if you have it, flaunt it!! And they do just that, still can’t forget the way Christ Gayle used to light up the entire stadium with his wham-bam blows…as he says he is too busy looking good. One can find similarities of Sir Vivian Richards in him…J

Rajasthan Royals seemed to be having the same flavor, but in recent years have tempered down a bit, I loved the way Shane Warne used to literally spin matches their way with his wrist. His sheer fearlessness and bold body language is what made him above average, now with Rahul Dravid as the skipper for the second consecutive season, only time will tell if he can bring in the numbers.

Last, but in no small measure the Knights from Kolkata who seem to have risen like a phoenix, and will come in as defending champions, as said in earlier blogs I love this team their scientific rationale and method of franchising has really helped them to be there even when they are not there.

So on a concluding note, whatever the color you choose…you can be rest assured that you are going to have a blast watching these players battle it out across the nation’s stadiums and they will entertain you!

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