Why is Modi getting all the credits that Congress could deserves?

‘Working for our country’ since independence only means ‘having been in power’ since then.

Look around and tell us all the areas in our country we are happy about – be it healthcare, defence, environment conservation, jobs or infrastructure. There possibly are very little things that you can be proud of. If you think Congress has been ‘working’ since these many years; don’t you think we should be having less of these problems?

I will not say that they have done nothing. But they have been incredibly and painstakingly slow. Also, for every 2 steps in the correct direction, there have been 5 on the wrong direction. This all sums up to one belief of theirs – that there is no alternative. that, we the people of India will vote Congress each and every time because we will think that they (Gandhis) are the only way.

First of all you should list the achievements for which congress deserves any praise or credits.

Now why is Modi getting the Credit. Kindly go through the points below:

The foreign visits that you are talking about are actually a means for The Modi Government to improve the dwindling image of India in the Developed world so that more and more investments could be brought into the country. Thanks to congress ,the investor sentiment was so bad due to all the scams and policy paralysis that none on the foreign investors were ready to invest in the country. In the last two months itself, about 90K cr investment has beeen committed by various Electronics companies inclusing LG, samsung, Foxconn, etc under the Make in India campaign.Should we credit Congress for Policy Paralysis or the NDA govt. for improving the investor sentiment.

Not even a single land acquisition was made for the industries( Power, Oil & Gas) for establishing new plants. reason the Land acquisition bill of 2013 which is so impractical that we none of the companies will be able construct a single plant in the country. Modi government s trying to fix this problem by bringing amendments to that bill but only if Congress will let the Parliament function.Should we credit Congress for such a Land Bill or Modi for bringing amendments?

The present NDA regime is taking tough against wherever Pakistan is concerned. The previous UPA government just used to say ” Hum kade shabdon mein iski ninda karte hain” or ” We will not play Cricket series with Pakistan”. The fact is there should be no talks with Pakistan until and unless they stop supporting terrorist organisations. Shouldn’t the present government be given credit for the same?

The Rafale deal and many other major defense deals were struck because of the snail pace at which the UPA government was making decisions. The NDA government took swift actions and is the process of completing the deal with the final deal being signed in the next two months. Also, the Indian defense manufacturers are taking a new breath of life because most of these deals will have an Indian manufacturer as the partner under the “Make in India” campaign. Shouldn’t the credit be given to the present government for the above?


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