Why is Nitish Kumar supporting demonetization?

  1. Nitish knows the pulse of the people. He also knows BJP won because of its promise to eradicate black money and corruption.
  2. Many polls conducted on demonetisation confirms 80% and above are supportive of government’s move and only 3% are against it.
  3. The recent Shahabuddin episode when he had to face unpleasant situation has not erased from his mind.
  4. His inability to improve the economic condition in Bihar with the support of the like of Laluprasad’s sons is telling on him.
  5. He is probably pondering over his days of association with BJP and the support he was getting for his programmes.
  6. The problem of deterioration of law and order, inability to lift the state out of poverty, weak support from allied partners, probably has made him mentally decide that alliance with BJP is better.
  7. He has come to the conclusion that he cannot become the PM in any way, so what’s the harm in going back to the old alliance with BJP?
  8. There is every possibility that it may be the reason for his contrasting stand, from that of his alliance partners, on demonetisation.

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