Will Narendra modi be re-elected in 2019?

A big YES And the reasons are known by most of them so i wont repeat.

  • From last few months i am seeing this type of questions being asked on regular basis. Why are we asking this question?
  • Specially after the delhi and bihar elections, people started thinking that politics played by opposition, media and various other people would overtake one prominent leader in next elections.
  • You cant deny the fact about the hard work and passion shown by this young legs of 65 years man to change our country.
  • There might be some issues with some of the people in the BJP, some of the decisions taken by them but you cant deny the integrity and dedication of this man for the nation building.
  • So i would request you, please try to spread awareness about what is right? rather than spreading about who is right?
  • If we all start spreading a word for the betterment of our nation and keeping the question in mind about what is right for our nation? than i don’t think there is a place of fear in our heart.
  • Definitely We are the future, so if we want something ,we should go and get it rather pointing out to others.
    I have been doing my part!

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