You Should Know What is RTI?

Truth alone triumphs, not falsehood  Through truth the divine path is spread
 Out of which the sages, whose desires have been completely fulfilled reach where that supreme treasure of truth resides.” – Swami Krishnanda.

Right-to-Information-Act, RTI Act-2005The above is but a translation of our Indian motto of “Satyamev jayate”. In my personal belief Satyamev jayate and its assertion to relentlessly pursue the truth of the highest order is what nurtured the members of our parliament to enable the Right to Information act in 2005. And what an instrument of force it has been since implemented!

For an Indian citizen this act seeks to be a practical regime wherein a citizen may request information from a “public authority” that is required to reply within 30 days.

Now you must be wondering, why should I be barging you a “commoner” with such gyaan, in short why should you know? & how will you benefit by the RTI act?

Just bear with me for another paragraph, I promise you that by the end of reading this article you will be enlightened and be proud that you are an Indian who has the option of of RTI at his reach.

Now let’s read a story I call as “Magnificent Ali”…

Ali a good academic student was expected to come up with exceptional high grades in his 12th board exams. Though he got a respectable 86%, he was quite shocked to note that in one of his languages paper he had scored a meagurely52% which was way below his expectations in that particular paper. Since Ali was confident that the paper went very well and just like a normal student Ali shared his concerns with his father who told him to send it for rechecking, however in spite of their best expectations there seemed to no change in his marks. Not getting de-motivated, Ali’s father applied through the RTI act for a copy of the answer sheet and on receipt found that the paper was very poorly corrected that resulted in the bad grades.

This development was a turning point, as now he had proof that his wards paper was poorly corrected and he went to appellate authority in a legal manner seeking correction of marks for his son’s future was at stake.The events that followed resulted in Ali getting proper due for efforts in the exams, and without a doubt the use of the RTI act effectively in this situation helped them immensely to uncover the truth.

Now my dear readers just imagine if you were in the place of Ali and had not taken the effort to uncover the truth, how would that have impacted the future that you have today?. Our education system is much like a rat race and students miss out on good colleges just because of single percentage, but in matter of fact it need not always be the students fault as there could be errors in assessment as well. Both students and assessors are after all Human…:)

I have tremendous respect and admiration for Ali’s dad who had complete faith in his son and used the RTI act prudently to uncover the truth. And this truth I am sure would have helped Ali get admission in a better college and set the foundation of a probable good career ahead.

My dear reader both you and me love our country, Mother India is a beautiful place but at times due to xyz reasons there is much a slip between the cup and lip and as cited in the example above one needs to be Magnificent Ali J and pursue the investigation to uncover the truth. The above is just a example, the next magnificent ali could you??

Best of luck and cheers…Let truth prevail 🙂
Jai Hind

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